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Web Statistics

All of our web sites come with web statistics generated by AWStats. Statistics are generated daily to give you month to date statistics. We also keep statistics for your site for each month up to a year in the past. See a partial example

The statistics include the following information:

  • General statistics:
    • Hits to your site
    • Data transferred
    • Distinct hosts served
  • Weekly report - number of hits per week
  • Daily report - number of hits per day, plus summary of busiest days
  • Hourly summary - most popular time of day
  • Domain report - where visitors to your site are coming from
  • Referrer report - what sites are linking to yours and where people are finding you
  • Search word report - what people are searching for to find your site
  • Operating system report - what OS your visitors are using
  • Status code report - tells you if people are having problems with your site
  • File size report - what size files people are requesting
  • File type report - what file extensions are most popular
  • Directory report - what directories are most popular
  • Request report - what files are most popular
  • Failure report - tells you if people can't find files (may indicate broken links)


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