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T1 Lines

DSL Products and Services

Available to home and business customers in Verizon local phone service areas.

  • Bronze Plus (768k down/128k up)
  • Enhanced Bronze (1.5M down/128k up)
  • Silver Plus (1.5M down/384k up)
  • Gold (768k down/768k up)
  • Platinum (3.0k down/768k up
  • Titanium (1.5M to 7.1M down/768k up)
    This is a variable rate service. Depending on the condition of your phone line and your distance from Verizon's central office, you will get speeds ranging from 1.5M to 7.1M. Because of DSL technology, it is difficult to achieve the full 7.1M and you will likely notice speeds faster than 1.5M, but much slower than 7.1M.

DSL Account Features

All DSL accounts with MM Internet include the following free features:

  • One free static IP address
  • One free email (POP3 and IMAP compatible) account
  • Home page (accessible via FTP)
  • Optional yourhost.mminternet.com and reverse DNS

A DSL modem is provided by MM Internet as part of the setup/equipment fees (see prices). You must obtain an Ethernet card for your computer(s), and optionally, a hub for connecting multiple computers.

Additional services available (see prices):

  • Additional IP addresses
  • Additional email accounts
  • Primary or secondary DNS hosting (yourdomain.com)
  • Backup or relay mail server ('ETRN' and Microsoft Small Business Server compatible)
  • Linux shell account

    We also offer web hosting and T1 services. Please see our home page for more information on these services.



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