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To understand our network, you should first understand a bit about how DSL works. Your physical circuit is provided by the phone company. MM Internet has multiple circuits which connect us to your phone company's main switch. That switch is networked to every city's telephone switch, which is then networked to your location.  Your DSL modem connects to another modem in your city's central office, and the traffic is sent to us.  We then send your traffic out to the Internet via our expansive upstream Internet connections.

We use redundant hi-speed fiber to connect to the internet from our data center located in Long Beach. Our fiber actually goes to one of the main hubs for internet traffic on the west coast - the One Wilshire Building in downtown LA - before it is routed to the public internet. Our primary upstream provider is UUnet (now part of Verizon) - one of the original & still the largest internet backbone in the world! We connect to them via gigabit ethernet at One WIlshire!

Our network features top of the line equipment from vendors like Redback, Cisco and Foundry. All of it carrier class!

We are extremely proud of our network and we're certain you'll be pleased with the speed & reliability it delivers!

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