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DSL Questions and Answers

Q. What is DSL?
A. DSL stands for "Digital Subscriber Line." It's a sophisticated technology that enables you to surf the web at blazing speed - and simultaneoulsy use the same telephone line to carry on a conversation!

Q. How does it work?
A. The DSL signal itself is a very, very high pitched sound on your phone line. It's far too high pitched for you to hear, so you won't even notice it while talking on the phone.

Q. What's the catch?
A. DSL is not available in all areas. There is a distance limitation, which requires that you be within three miles of your phone company's switching office. Any phone line further than that would not be able to support the high frequency DSL signal.

Q. Where is DSL available?
A. We offer DSL in just about every area that Verizon & SBC (now AT&T) offer local phone service. You can email us with your phone number and address and we can see if DSL is available to you.

Q. What does it cost?
A. DSL is available in different speeds. Check out our pricing page for a chart of current prices.

Q. Is the cost of the line included in the price?
A. Yes. The circuit cost of the line and the internet access are both included in one price. You will continue to pay your phone bill just as you always have, and then you would receive a bill from us for the DSL access. There are no "hidden fees."

Q. How do I get DSL?
A. The first step is to call us or sign up online. We'll confirm DSL availability for you and be in touch with you when we know your installation date.

Q. How long does it take to install DSL?
A. It takes about a week to get DSL. This includes the testing of your phone line to make sure it is DSL capable, the setup on our end, the assigning of your static IP address, and mailing you the modem and instructions.

Q. Can I hook up multiple computers to a single DSL line? Can I run servers?
A. Sure. Many of our customers have small LAN's at home which do just that, and a lot of our customers have fun running their own web, FTP, and game servers. The computers must be networked together. There are two options for hooking up multiple computers:

1. Purchasing additional IP addresses for each computer you want to have connected to the Internet.
2. Running some type of proxy server or router.
*Option 1. is necessary if you plan to run servers unless you are an advanced user.

Q. I plan to travel. Can I use your service remotely?
A. No, unfortunately. If you plan to travel frequently, we recommend keeping a dial up account with a nationwide ISP, or one of the free ISPs.  You can however, check your email through our web based email service.

Q. What will my email address look like?
A. Your email address will be xxxxx@mminternet.com, where you get to choose the xxxxx.

Q. Do I get access to newsgroups?
A. Yes, you get access to all Usenet newsgroups.

Q. There are cheaper providers out there. Why should I go with you?
A. We're not trying to be the cheapest, we're trying to be the best. We offer static IPs, which enable you to do more (such as run servers) and are more reliable than the alternatives (the DHCP server can, and often does fail for ISPs that use dynamic IPs). We offer vastly better technical support. When you call us, you'll talk to someone very knowledgeable right away, as opposed to spending time waiting in a queue or having a frustrating conversation with a "robot." We run a fast, reliable network and we keep you informed as we solve the problems that do come up. Is saving a little money worth the frustration of being offline (and not knowing what your ISP is doing about it) when you're waiting for an important e-mail?

The biggest difference is simply one of company philosophies. We treat each customer as a part of our success, while those offering service for less treat you as a commodity, just a number.

If you have any questions not answered here, please contact us either by email or by phone. We hope you choose us as your provider.


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