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Founded in 1996, Millennium Media Internet began literally in the closet of founder Nicholas Cohen. From these humble beginnings, MM Internet has grown to become the leader in quality and cost effective business DSL and T1 Internet services in Southern California. As many other internet startups founded at the height of the 90's Internet boom have disappeared, MM Internet has thrived because of our emphasis on personalized customer service and focus on technical excellence.

Our corporate offices are now located in the Arco Center in Long Beach. Our facilities include a private data center featuring gigabit connectivity to the One Wilshire building in downtown LA where we have additional network presence. DSL customers receive high performance connectivity via OC3 pipes that feed both Verizon & AT&T's ATM cloud/backbone. We also offer a full complement of fiber based services!

As a Cisco Certified Premier Partner, we have achieved certification required to provide full support for Cisco's line of networking products. We can help you with network support, security consulting services & more. To arrange for a free consultation, please call our office at (888) 654-4971.

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